SalesforceDecember 22, 2022

Replacing the Standard Contact Role in Salesforce

If you’ve tried to use the standard contact roles module in Salesforce under the opportunity, you may have found it’s quite limited and sadly cannot be customized (apart from changing the values under Role). For that reason, I’ve created my own version of Contact Role which I use whenever my clients wish to use this functionality.


What are the Differences between the Standard and Custom Contact Role


  • Add an account without a contact (you don’t always know who, inside the account, will work on this deal).
  • Specify the status of the account/contact towards your company and products.
  • Specify whether the contact helped win the deal. Might be helpful later on if you encounter the contact again in other opportunities.


What does it look like?




How to build it?




  • Opportunity – I use a master-detail relationship so I can use the roll-up summary field to make sure at least one record is entered before the opportunity can be closed as won.
  • By filtering the contact field, we’re making sure the account will have value in order for the user to be able to select the contact. Again, this is helpful for future reports showing which accounts are involved in your opportunities.

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